Amalgam Mortar and Pestle

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#1 Choice of Dentists for Buying Best Mortar & Pestle for Amalgam in Pakistan.

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bilal basit
1 year 8 months ago

whts the difference between single & double??

csr7 csr7
1 year 8 months ago

there will be 1 set of Amalgam Mortar and Pestle in single and 2 sets in double



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E-Dental Mart brings you an amazing set of amalgam mortar and pestle. It is used to mix alloy powder and mercury into a homogenous mixture. It is an important need in dental clinics as well other medical facilities. E-Dental Mart always ensures to provide the best products according to the needs of health professionals. You can buy the best products at amazing prices and best quality. Mortar and pestle is needed to grind and mix different materials into fine mixture. We have this amazing instrument available in high quality glass. You can buy the best mortar & pestle for amalgam online in Pakistan from our online dental store.

Features Of Amalgam Mortar And Pestle

Amalgam mortar and pestle are the most important and hand tool in amalgam mixing. Mortar is a bowl made up of glass. While pestle is a blunt club-shaped tool also made up of heavy glass. Mortar and pestle are best to mix and grind amalgam because of their heavy structure. Amalgam alloy had to be mixed vigorously, to achieve that best mortar and pestle are used because of their heavy structures. Mortar is used as a deep bowl where mixing material is poured. It is made up of heavy glass material which prevents it from breaking or cracking due to rapid and fast mixing. Pestle is the grinding and mixing tool made up of the same material as mortar. Its slender long shape makes it easy for dental professionals to hold it and crush amalgam material. E-Dental Mart provides you a set of two pairs of best amalgam mortar and pestle at an amazing price. But if you don’t need two you can buy one too. Easily choose your required product and order online from our store.

Uses Of Amalgam Mortar And Pestle

Amalgam mortar and pestle are used for mixing and grinding of amalgam alloys.This hand used tool is most preferred by pharmacists or dental technicians for mixing and grinding of various items.