Bite Block

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Warranty: None
Name: Bite Block
Material: Polymer, Plastic
Color: Multiple Colors
Usage: False Tooth

Product Description

Used for bite block along with cheek and tongue retraction.

Got some Question?

4 years 17 days ago

are these autoclaveable? i mean can they be reused by sterlilization .. and how many pieces in a pack ?

4 years 12 days ago

Yes you can autoclave them.
1 piece in a pack.

Ahmed UmerDr.
3 years 3 months ago

Are these flexible..?

E-Dental Mart
3 years 3 months ago

Dear Ahmed UmerDr,
Sir this is not flexible. Please visit the below mention link, this bite block is flexible.
Thank you much for visiting our website.

3 years 1 month ago

430 is for 1 piece or for pack of 5?



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It is hardest to deal with children having teeth problems. It is so hard for dentists to perform dental procedures smoothly with children. Because it is hard for them to keep their mouth open for long dental procedures. It is not just children but some people find it difficult to keep their mouth open for dental procedures for a long time. Most people experience gag reflex which makes it so hard for dentists to keep working properly on such patients. Bite blocks are one the most innovative and helpful inventions for such patients. Bite block is a wedge shaped mouth prop that helps patients to keep their mouth open. E-Dental mart has all the products you would need in dental and surgical procedures. We have a great range of different types of best quality dental bite blocks. To assist patients and dentists and provide them comfortable experience of dental procedures, buy bite blocks online in Pakistan.

What is a Bite Block

Dental bite block is a device made up of rubber or plastic which is used to keep the mouth open. It helps patients to keep their mouth open when they are under local anesthetic. Mostly patients experience gag reflex because of continuously keeping their mouth open. It is very dangerous for dental professionals because the tools they are using can hurt if a patient will suddenly close their mouth. That is why dental professionals use this bite block. It is placed in between teeth and it keeps the mouth open. It is made up of hard plastic or rubber. Its material is comfortable for patients and it won’t tear or break on chewing. These bite blocks are ridged so they can use the back teeth to hold them in place.

Bite Block Available On E-Dental Mart

Dental bite blocks available on our online dental store are made up of polymer plastic. These best quality dental bite blocks are available in different colors. Charming design of this amazing mouth prop is the best for your patient’s comfort. If you want to give your patients a comfortable experience and want to perform dental procedures without any hindrance then buy this bite block to help your patients. It will allow your patient to keep their mouth open for long duration procedures. Bite blocks available on our online dental store have soft material which doesn’t hurt cheeks or gums.