Cavex Cream Alginate

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Mixing: Easy to mix with a creamy smooth substance
Strength: High tear strength & elastic
Odor: Pleasant odor/color helps to overcome biting resistance
Life: 5 years shelf life
Setting Time:
Normal set: 1.30 minutes
Fast set: 1 minute

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Cavex Cream Alginate

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Finding good quality products with fewer options is hard. Check out Cavex Cream Alginate in our range of cavex alginates.  E-Dental brings to you the widest range of best quality Alginates. Cavex Cream Alginate Fast Set among them is one of the modern alginate that can be mixed into a smooth creamy substance. Cavex alginates exceed strict ISO alginate standards. With long term shelf life and best working qualities Cavex Cream Alginate is the most suitable alginate material for your clinics. It is made up of superior tear strength and elasticity. You can Buy Cavex Cream Alginate Online in Pakistan from our online dental store, E-Dental Mart at an amazing rate.

Features Of Cavex Cream Alginate 

Cavex Cream Alginate has normal setting time with exceptional detail which makes it perfect for general use. It is easy to mix in a creamy smooth substance. Cavex cream alginate fast set is high precision alginate with 5 micron detailed reproduction. It is made with good tear and deformation resistance. Cavex cream alginate is designed with renewed recipe and it can be scanned. In pleasant color and aroma it is very comfortable for patients. Cavex cream alginate fast set comes in a fast setting and normal setting time of 1 minute and 1.30 minutes respectively.

Storing And Uses Of Cavex Cream Alginate 

The cavex cream alginate fast set impression must be stored in a sealed plastic bag without mixing anything upto five years. Don’t leave the impression outdoors or immersed in water. It is dust-free so it can be easily stored in any dry place in the clinic for a long time.

Cavex cream alginate is the best quality alginate used for impression making in restorative dentistry. Cavex cream alginate fast set is used when there are undercuts in mouths for partial dentures with clasps and for making preliminary impressions for complete dentures.