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Devitalization Paste: Product Introduction

The dental pulp also needs some treatment. When the tooth becomes badly broken down, you get to experience problems with the vitality of the dental pulp.

Unfortunately, there are some cases where dental pulp cannot be salvaged anymore. Hence, you need adequate materials to deal with the problem to prevent the further spread of pathogenic microorganisms. 

The devitalization paste is the product for you. This is a paste product that can be applied in the cavity preparation of the tooth with pulpal disease. The dental pulp devitalization paste is composed of powerful chemicals like formaldehyde.

The composition of the dental pulp devitalization paste makes it fast-acting and capable of quick pain relief.

To use the devitalization paste, you can apply a small amount of the product inside the canal in cases of pulpal involvement.


Dental Pulp Devitalization Paste: Product Details

When you buy the dental pulp devitalization paste online at E-Dental Mart, you get a syringe-like packaging of the product.

The devitalization paste comes in a ready-to-use mix, and you will get three grams of the product per purchase.


Get The Dental Pulp Devitalization Paste For Quick and Painless Antibacterial Action

The primary cause of harm to the pulp of any tooth is microorganisms. These bacteria cause further degradation of the soft and hard tissues, including the pulp. 

To address a problem caused by microorganisms, the dental pulp devitalization paste works with its antibacterial action. It can devitalize the pulp through mummification of the remaining pulp structure. 

Furthermore, the devitalization paste will ensure that microorganisms will not thrive anymore in the tooth’s root canals.

Despite the potent action of the dental pulp devitalization paste, it is quick and painless! You would not need to worry that your patient will get uncomfortable during the procedure. Moreover, you can use it with the administration of local anesthetics.


Get Lots of Great Properties with the Dental Pulp Devitalization Paste

The dental pulp devitalization paste is a well-used product because it has a good prognosis. Many dentists can vouch for the long-term success of pulp devitalization with the devitalization paste.

Furthermore, the product is biocompatible and arsenic-free. This makes the dental pulp devitalization pulp ideal for root canal amputation and removal of the residual non-vital pulp tissue.


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