Kromopan Alginate

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Expiry Date: May-2028
weight : 450g

Made in Italy.

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Kromopan Alginate

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Kromopan Alginate is like other impression materials but what makes it stand out is its chromatic phase indicator. Kromopan Alginate has made a breakthrough in dentistry with its amazing qualities. Like impression taking with high quality and easy check through the working phases. If you don’t know where to buy kromopan Alginate then you don’t have to worry because E-Dental Mart is the sole distributor of trustworthy products. You can easily buy kromopan alginate simply by placing an order and getting the best quality product delivered at your doorstep. It is available in dose version for a more convenient and faster use and type 2 version with a longer working time.

Characteristics of Kromopan Alginate

Kromopan is a chromatic alginate with impression material with more than 168 hours of dimensional stability. It is very essential for those working procedures that take a long time. Kromopan alginate can be used for the preparation of mobile prosthesis, removable and fixed prosthesis antagonist, preliminary models, and study models. 

The chromatic phase indicator helps with the preparation of impression without any worry about temperature or specific water hardness changes. It helps for the perfect mixing and indication and timely insertion in the oral cavity. After mixing water and powder the compound color changes to purple indication mixing time. Pink indicates the time to pour the compound in the impression tray and white indicates the time of inserting the tray in the oral cavity. The minimum time in mouth is 30 seconds. 

Storing of Kromopan Alginate

The model can be poured up to 168 hours with optimal results. The impression must be stored in a sealed plastic bag without mixing anything. Don’t leave the impression of being air or immersed in water. Kromopan alginate  is dust-free so it can be easily stored in any dry place in the clinic for a long time.