Lindo Levien Elevator (Serrated)

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Lindo Levien Elevators: Product Introduction

In the dentist's office, tooth extraction is a routine dental procedure. To make the surgery simpler and less stressful for the patient, you must have the right set of instruments.

There are other choices for tooth extractions, though. However, the ability of the dentist to separate the tooth root from the periodontal ligaments is what all of these tools rely on depending on the tooth's decay level and connection to the socket.

You need the Lindo Levien elevators whenever you want to do atraumatic tooth extractions. The Lindo Levien serrated elevators can exert their effects by loosening the tooth from its periodontal attachment. 

To use the premium Lindo Levien elevators, you need to engage it in the root area and make a simple rocking motion. With this, you will sever the periodontal ligaments that hold the tooth in the socket.

Furthermore, the Lindo Levien serrated elevators are best used with oral surgery instruments like the mucoperiosteal molt, forceps, and more.


Lindo Levien Serrated Elevators: Product Details

You can get the Lindo Levien serrated elevators today. These come in different tip sizes. Still, each of these features serrations that give you an anti-slip design.


Premium Lindo Levien Elevators With More Grip on its Serrations

In fact, the premium Lindo Levien elevator is a reasonable choice. Additionally, its superb construction can help you extract teeth as painlessly as possible for your patient!

High-quality stainless steel is used to create the Lindo Levien Elevators. Because of this, the tiny tip can also apply a lot of force to the tooth's root.

And the best feature of the premium Lindo Levien elevators is that its tip has serrations. The serrations help grasp the root structure better. Furthermore, it ensures that you will not have accidental slipping while using the instrument.


Buy Lindo Levien Elevators for its Quality, Ergonomic Design, and Versatile Use

You need to buy Lindo Levien elevators because it is the best for the job! The design is ergonomic thanks to the build quality. There is a sizable handle for you to hold onto on the high-end Lindo Levien elevators. This enables you to apply the necessary force for tooth extractions.

Lastly, this instrument is best for all around use. You can use it in any tooth on any quadrant. Plus, it will not be a problem for both left and right-handed users.



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