Orthodontic Anchorage Micro Implant

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1.6mm-12mm, 1.4mm-8mm, 1.6mm-8mm, 1.4mm-10mm, 1.6mm-10mm


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Orthodontic Anchorage Micro Implant: Product Introduction

Orthodontic procedures rely on different means to make the teeth move into the desired alignment. Because of the application of force, planned anchorage, and patient cooperation, you can make sure that their orthodontic treatment results in an esthetic and functional outcome.

One of the means that you can utilize is skeletal anchorage. Aside from the usual anchorage from the teeth, you can use the orthodontic anchorage micro implant. This product is a sterile threading pin that can be surgically placed in the alveolar bone of the patient. 

With orthodontic microimplant anchorage in place, you can attach a type of anchorage like archwires to pull back the teeth or arch.

When you encounter cases of severely malposed teeth, the microimplant can pull the teeth back to its original alignment. Similarly, the orthodontic anchorage micro implant can be used to apply force to a set of teeth attached to an archwire so that it can be repositioned.

Essentially, the orthodontic microimplant anchorage is another option for you in orthodontic treatment. In some cases, skeletal anchorage can make orthodontic movement quicker and more efficient for the patient.


Orthodontic MicroImplant Anchorage: Product Details

You can buy the orthodontic microimplant anchorage for your orthodontic procedures. Each purchase of the orthodontic anchorage micro implant gives you a sealed and sterile self-drilling thread. This is an anchorage device system that comes in different dimensions.


Realiable Orthodontic MicroImplant Anchorage

One of the issues with getting skeletal anchorage is its capacity to integrate with the bone structure of the patient. The orthodontic microimplant anchorage has a self-drilling design that allows it to be placed in the hard tissue.

Furthermore, this product is a reliable microimplant because its material is biocompatible. Therefore, you can make sure that the tissues will not reject the implant. There is almost no problem with patient allergy and other adverse reactions.


Orthodontic Anchorage Micro Implant that Can Give You a High Success Rate

You would love to have the orthodontic anchorage micro implant ready when you plan your procedures. This is one of the newly emerging options for difficult cases of orthodontic movement because skeletal anchorage can provide a stable reference for you.

The high success rate of using skeletal anchorage is one of the main reasons many orthodontists use the orthodontic anchorage micro implant!


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