Zinc oxide eugenol

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Packaging Include:
Powder: 20g
Liquid: 7.5ml
Expiry Date: 23-02-2025
Made in China.

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Product Description

  Zinc Oxide Eugenol Cement

Instructions for Use
Product Performance

The Product is consisted of two parts, powder and liquid. Powder is made of zinc oxide and  zinc aceatate: liquid is made of eugenol liquid or mixture of eugenol and rosin. Zinc Oxide  Eugenol Cement has excellent biocompatibility, no irritation to pulp tissue, low thermal conductivity, cut off outside filling material and chemical irritation.

Field of Applications

It is used as temporary restorations and bases in dentistry.

Net Setting time Compressive strength     Acid-soluble arsenic mass Fraction
3-10min ≥25 MPa ≤2 mg/Kg

Instructions for use

The recommended condition of mix : Temperature 23±2°C; Relative Humidity 50±5%.
Dispense Powder and liquid : suitable ratio of powder / liquid is 1.6 g: 0.5ml.
Use dry mixing pad and spatula: Divide the dispensed powder into two or three parts: introduce each part to the dispensed liquid and mix with quick strokes, then mix the parts together until homogeneous. Total mixing time should be within 90 seconds.
Place the cement in the dried clean cavity and gently pack into the position. To prevent the cement sticking to the instrument during placement of the filling material.


Kit A: Powder 2 bottles (net weight 10 g / bottle ) , liquid 1 bottle (net weight 7.5 ml / bottle )
Storage and  shelf  life
Shelf life at room temperature is two years. See package exterior for expiration date. Do not use the product after expiration date.
Do not store the powder and liquid package under direct exposure to sunlight or heat. (Storage condition at 4-35°C ambient  temperature is suggested.)
It is recommended to tighten up the powder and liquid bottle caps immediately after every use .


Once the Powder , liquid or the mixture contacts with human mouth, skin or eye immediately use the wet cotton roll or guaze to wipe it off, flush with plenty of water.
Do not use zinc oxide eugenol cement as base for composite restorations as this may cause softening of the over laying composite material
This product and its packaging can be used as a general waste disposal.
After surgery, the dentist gives advices based on the patient’s situation. These details shall including in particular :
Precautions to be taken in the events of changes in the performance of the restorative material:
Information  on the risks to the patient that may arise after placement:
Adequate information if the restorative or orthodontic material contains a medicinal product:
Adequate information if appropriate, for the care of finished restorations appliances.

Adverse reaction


No adverse reaction

Do not use if patient has a history of eugenol allergy
No pulpits, periapical periodontitis and other complications not suitable for base.
Do not use contact, neither work   with composite resin, dentin adhesive etc.


Our product developed only for dentistry , and non-professional person don’t use it without guidance. Please keep it away from children


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Weight 20 g


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Zinc oxide eugenol is a dental material that comes in powder and liquid. Once mixed, this product becomes an interim dental material. In addition, this mixed-material also acts as a dental restorative base.



During restorative procedures, you sometimes need to place a good quality temporary restoration. Even though you only need it to last until the next appointment, you still need to get materials with the best properties.

To help you achieve your desired temporary restorations, use zinc oxide eugenol cement. This eugenol cement material will give you a good seal and can withstand occlusal forces inside the oral cavity.

Aside from being an excellent temporary restoration, eugenol powder and liquid can also serve as your restorative base. You would surely encounter very deep cavities which are destroyed by caries. To restore them, as they are very close to the pulp, you need to use zinc oxide eugenol cement as your restorative base.



One of the best characteristics of zinc oxide eugenol is its bacteriostatic properties. They can prevent the influx and multiplication of microorganisms which helps your tooth and gum tissue heal. 

In addition, your patients can also benefit from eugenol cement. Zinc oxide eugenol alleviates the pain coming from your dental pulp.

As a dental base material, zinc oxide eugenol is a good choice for you since it is a good insulator that would prevent additional pulp damage.



Zinc oxide eugenol is an advantageous dental material. With the eugenol powder and liquid, you can achieve an excellent temporary seal with adequate strength. 

Furthermore, zinc oxide eugenol as your dental material is very easy to use and will give you the properties you need.

You can buy zinc oxide eugenol cement online in Pakistan. Check them out on E-Dental Mart and see more good-quality dental materials.