Gutta Percha (Protaper GP Point)

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General – Gutta Percha (Endo Dental Protaper GP Points)
Type : Filling Auxiliary Material
Material : Root Canal Filling Material / Composite Material

Sizes : F1, F2, F3 and S2 (#15)
Taper : .04 taper

– Millimeter marking points with depth marking at 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24
– Perfectly exact depth mesurments
– No need to mark a working length on the points
– Save time during treatment due to easy and fast filling
– Sterile and highly absorbent
1 Box contains 120 pcs of Premium Quality Gutta Percha Points

1,00,000 Boxes per week

Normal Delivery : 3-5 Working Days (Usually delivered in 2-4 working days)
Urgent Delivery : 1-2 Working Days (Usually delivered overnight)
*For bulk orders, delivery time may vary as per order.

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Weight 50 g

S2 (4% taper), F1(4% taper), F2(4% taper), F3(4% taper), Assorted (15-40 6% taper)


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Gutta Percha Points (also called GP point Dental) are Endodontic materials. Endodontics is the discipline of dentistry concerning three aims: Prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of pulp diseases and its periodontal complications. Gutta Percha Points are materials for Root Canal Filling purposes. Therefore, they must be only used by Dental Professionals. Root Canal filling is the final step of Root Canal Treatment. It has to guarantee the durability of the Canal Network’s optimum cleaning and shaping.

Gutta Percha Points – Filling Quality:

Root Canal filling materials must be waterproof and biocompatible. Indeed, the material of choice for root canal filling is E-Dental Mart’s Gutta Percha. GP Point Dental is a non-absorbable material. Most importantly, this material is 100% biocompatible and insulating.

In contrast, luck of Gutta Percha Points’ adhesion to dentin requires adding a tinny film of Sealer. That being said, you should fill the root’s main canals using Gutta Percha Points. Lateral and accessory canals are automatically filled with the root canal cement.


What is GP Point Dental made from?

E-Dental Mart’s Gutta Percha is a Premium “Alpha Gutta Percha” based material. To start with, Gutta Percha is a natural Gum. It is extracted from the leaves’ Latex of a specific tree species. This rare species is named “Palaquium Gutta”.

Actually, Gutta Percha, exists in two different phases. Its first form is called “Beta Gutta Percha”. That’s E-Dental Mart Gutta Percha’s raw material. This fresh material is, firstly, polished. Then, the lab incorporates precise rates of components in it. Their purpose is to boost GP Point Dental’s physicochemical qualities. This enhancement ends up with the commercial “Alpha Gutta Percha” form. Which is E-Dental Mart Gutta Percha’s 100% compatible material for professional dental use.


Gutta Percha Points’ Easy Identification 

Gutta Percha Points are standardized cones. From no. 15 to no. 140, their taper and tip size follow ISO standards for instruments. Accordingly, GP point Dental’s assigned number much up with its tip diameter in hundredths of a millimeter. For example, GP point Dental no. 35 has a tip’s width of 35/100 mm. The taper, again, is a standard 2%. It could be, however, boosted to reach up 4% or 6%. Moreover, Gutta Percha Points also exist in a variable taper: These are Protaper Gutta Percha GP and Protaper Next Gutta Percha. Of course, Protaper Gutta Percha GP perfectly fits for canals prepared with NiTi Manual Protapers. In the same way, Protaper Next Gutta Percha is ideal to fill canals prepared with rotary Protaper.


Choice of E-Dental Mart’s Gutta Percha’s Master Point

There is a Golden Rule. The Master Point must have the same tip size as the last introduced finishing file and must stop at the Work Length.

Following this rule makes Master Point choice on the whole easy. That’s because E-Dental Mart’s  Gutta Percha tips’ diameters are written directly above on the package. It is, moreover, easier to identify Protaper and Protaper Next Gutta Percha Master Points, as there are only 3 color coded Points. Therefore, F1 F2 F3 GP Points relate one by one to F1, F2 and F3 Hand Protapers. The same thing applies to Protaper Next Yellow, Red and Blue Finishing Files: Color coded Protaper Next Gutta Percha Points respectively relate to them.

How to Buy Gutta Percha Points Online in Pakistan?

All things considered, our Gutta Percha Point are of the highest quality. Their design follows ISO Standards for instrumentation, and they could be easily recognized. Standard Gutta Percha Points are available on E-Dental Mart. Our shop also present Protaper Next and Protaper Gutta Percha GP’s F1, F2, F3 GP Points. You can directly Buy Gutta Percha Points Online in Pakistan on E-Dental Mart. And we’ll get them carried up to your Dental Clinic’s door!