Heliosit Orthodontic Composite Bond

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Weight : 2.5g

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Premium Quality Heliosit Orthodontic Composite Bond in Pakistan!

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Muneeba Ibrahim
3 years 1 month ago

Since this is dual cure, can this be used for cementation of fiber posts ?



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Heliosit orthodontic bond is used for bonding dental appliances. It is made of chemicals which are light and have a dual cure system to successfully bond objects. Buy the best orthodontic bond used for brackets from E-Dental Mart. The bonding paste is directly applied to dental objects and then they are placed on the tooth to stick them. Moisture control is very essential before applying an orthodontic bond because it can weaken its effectiveness. Heliosit orthodontic bond is highly stable and transparent. It can be used for cementation of brackets made up of ceramic as well as metal. Heliosit orthodontic bond comes in the syringe. Flexural strength of Heliosit orthodontic bond is 80 MPa. After enamel is etched with acid Heliosit orthodontic bond is applied to form a fine bond. Bond strength of brackets on etched enamel is different for both ceramic and metal. For ceramic bonds, the strength of ceramic is 10 MPa and metal is 12 MPa.  

Application Of Heliosit Orthodontic Bond

To apply orthodontic bonds first you have to clean the surface of enamel of any moisture. Because moisture on the surface of enamel can cause the bond to weaken its strength. Use cotton rolls for isolation then etch the enamel surface with phosphoric acid. Now rinse the tooth and dry. Apply heliosit orthodontic bond on the bracket and then carefully position it on the tooth. After that light cures it.

Advantages Of Heliosit Orthodontic Bond

Orthodontic bond doesn’t require dosing or mixing. The light cure material of the orthodontic bond makes it easy and convenient to position the bracket on the tooth surface without taking any time. The exceptional transparency of Heliosit orthodontic bond enables it to cure when it is exposed to polymerization of light. Most preferred by dentists, orthodontic bond is available on E-Dental Mart, it is convenient to use and highly stable.