Alundum Points (6 White Stones)

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Premium Quality Alundum Points

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Alundum Points comes in 6 pieces. These are used in finishing and polishing composite restorations to achieve a high shine, smoothness, and superb luster of the composite surface.



After placement and carving your composite restorations, the last step that you need to accomplish is finishing and polishing it. With this, you can give your patient a restoration that is not plaque retentive, smooth, glossy and has a flawless transition to a natural tooth.

To achieve all these, you need the White Polishing Points. These are dental polishing stones used by attaching these in a high-speed handpiece. As you use this product, you can remove surface irregularities and give a nice sheen to your restorations.



The Alundum Stones are composed of high-quality abrasive stones. These are capable of giving you good shining capacity. Moreover, these White Mounted Stones can easily smoothen your composite restorations.

In addition, these can be used with polishing mediums to make the restoration glossier. As a restoration has decreased surface irregularities, they achieve a better prognosis for the patient.

As you use these Composite Finishing Stones, you can prevent leaving your patients with sharp resin composite. This can harm their soft tissues like the tongue or cheeks.

Furthermore, this product comes in an appropriate size for use in even the most posterior areas of the teeth. You can polish and finish even the most distal tooth with ease.



The Alundum Stones should be a staple item in your dental clinic since you will always need to restore teeth with composite. These Composite Finishing Stones are very easy to use. Moreover, they are very efficient, and you can quickly get the surface finish and polish that you want for your composite restorations.

If you are interested, you can buy the Alundum Stones online in Pakistan. Check them out now at E Dental Mart, along with other good quality dental materials for your clinic.