Amalgam Gun

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Autoclave: yes till 134C
Finish: Chrome Silver
Weight: 0.15g
Application: Amalgam carrying Instruments
Type: Normal single sided 240rs
high quality single sided 280rs
double sided 210rs

Product Description

Premium Quality Amalgam Gun in Pakistan

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver

working ends : Single Side

Type : Small and Medium

Usage : used in Operative Dentistry

Made In Pakistan

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Amalgam gun is an important tool used in amalgam filling. It is used to carry amalgam and fill it in the cavity. Amalgam carrier guns are metal tools that are used to assist dental professionals by minimizing finger fatigue. They are placement instruments with unique slender and sleek design and chrome silver finish. We bring you the best ever amalgam carrier guns in three different types at amazing prices. Buy amalgam guns from E-Dental Mart to enhance your experience in restorative procedures. Best quality amalgam gun enables dental professionals to transfer amalgam into the cavity with ease and comfort. You can order this amazing aiding tool in small as well as medium size from E-Dental Mart’s online store in Pakistan.

Properties Of Amalgam Gun

Amalgam guns are carrier tools made from high quality metal with fine polish of chrome silver. It is available in different sizes with different types of working ends. Amalgam guns can be easily autoclaved upto 134C without ruining its perfect texture. We have a range of three types of amalgam guns with normal single sided, high quality single sided and double sided working ends.

It is used as a carrying and placement tool for amalgam. They are shaped like a syringe and carry amalgam in their tubular tips. That amalgam is then easily placed in the dental cavity. It is so easy to fill amalgam in a small space of an oral cavity with these amalgam guns

Amalgam guns come in different shapes and sizes according to different spaces it needs to be used in. You can order all kinds of best quality amalgam carrier guns from E-Dental Mart at reasonable prices.

Technique For Amalgam Condensation

Amalgam guns are used in amalgam condensation procedures. It is an important tool which is used to carry amalgam material and place it in the oral cavity.

After mixing of amalgam it is placed in the dental cavity, after oral cavity is prepared the amalgam gun is used to pick up amalgam and transfer into it.  After placement of amalgam it is condensed to appropriate size and shape. Condensation increment is overfilled which is then condensed by a larger condenser.

After preparing and condense amalgam material a burnisher is used to carve overfilled amalgam forming major shapes and grooves of occlusal anatomy.