Apple Dental High Speed Hand Piece

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Packaging Include: Hand Piece & Hand Piece key

The handle is slide-proof, comfortable and easy to clean.

The head angle can provide better operational vision and angle so that work efficiency can be improved.

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Product Description

Premium Quality Apple Dental High Speed Hand Piece.

Brand Name: Apple Dental
Water Pressure: 0.2MPa
Chuck bur: Push Button/Wrench
Rotation Speed: 380000 – 480000 rpm
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Dental Hand Piece
Application: Dental Surgery

Got some Question?

3 years 7 months ago

Is there a warranty ?

E-Dental Mart
3 years 7 months ago

There is no warranty for this.

3 years 7 months ago

So what if it doesn’t work when I receive it? Is there a return policy for that?

E-Dental Mart
3 years 7 months ago

Yes Ma’am we will exchange it with a new one if it doesn’t work.



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High speed handpiece is a precision device used for removing teeth. It works at high speed and removes tooth tissue rapidly and efficiently. It works without any pressure, heat or vibration and cuts through the tooth smoothly. Like so many amazing brands we have the best quality apple dental high speed handpiece. It is used for dental clinical treatment and suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave. Apple dental contra angle handpiece is used for holding various disks, cups or burs. If you are looking for a great quality handpiece of a well-known brand then buy apple dental high speed handpiece from our online dental store. This handpiece is perfect for preparing a tooth to receive a restoration; you can easily order apple dental high speed handpiece online in Pakistan.

Features Of Apple Dental High Speed Handpiece

Apple dental high speed handpiece is made with a built-in push button that has a mechanism of initiating a rotational force and provides power to the cutting instrument. Apple dental high speed handpiece can work with different cutting instruments for different dental clinical procedures. This great quality high speed handpiece has a light source and cooling water spray system to increase accuracy of the procedure. This high speed air turbine is perfect for dentists in shaping an opening in teeth. Apple dental high speed handpiece is a dental drill that smoothly makes its way through the hard surface of the tooth and prepares it for restoration procedures.

Specification Of Apple Dental High Speed Handpiece

Apple dental high speed is available online at E-Dental Mart at the most convenient price. You can buy this great product within no time in easy steps. Now available in your own country Apple products are most preferable to dentists. It is made up from stainless steel and tungsten carbide that makes it a completely autoclavable corrosion-free instrument. It has a diamond grid for smooth and perfect cutting. Apple dental high speed handpiece is essential for root canal procedure. To remove pulp and nerve tissue, dentists drill through the teeth by shaping an opening. This amazing dental high speed handpiece can work between 380000 and 480000 rpm. Don’t miss out on this brilliant product, place your order now on E-Dental Mart online dental store.