Articulating paper

PKR  120PKR  1,150

There are 10 books in a box. Its Double Coloured and works even on moist surfaces.

Product Description

Articulating Paper Features:

Dental Blue Thick Articulating Paper Strips 20 sheets/book 10 books/Box

20 sheets/book
10 books/box
Color: Blue/Red
NET WT:35g
Weight: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)

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Additional Information

Weight 100 g

One Book, Complete box (20 Books Per Box), Complete box (12 Books Per Box)


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 In a wide range of diagnostic tools E-Dental Mart presents you Articulating Paper. Do you wander one shop to another to find different tools and products you need, don’t worry anymore because E-Dental Mart is the one stop shop for all medical and dental products you would need. You can easily buy amazing and unique tools from our store at a reasonable price. Articulating Dental Paper is an amazing diagnostic tool used in dentistry to highlight occlusal contacts and distribution of forces. If you want to Buy Articulating Paper Online in Pakistan then our store is the best place. Among so many other best quality products you can easily order online Articulating Paper from our online dental store.

Features And Advantages Of Articulating Paper

Articulating dental paper is a double color articulating paper to take the impression of occlusion. It is available in a book of 20 sheets as well as a box that have 10 books each of 20 sheets. You can choose from that easily to order online and get it delivered to your door. Articulating dental paper is composed of thin non adhesive paper strips. It is covered in fluorescent ink or dye-containing wax which gives it blue or red color. These strips are easy to use economically to check high points while correcting occlusions. Another benefit of using articulating paper is that these are non-irritant

Uses And Indication Of Articulating Paper

Articulating paper is used in diagnostic purpose to mark those points on teeth where they contact during biting and grinding. A strip of articulating dental paper is placed between the teeth while the desired mandibular movements are performed. It is routinely used to check occlusal surfaces of newly placed dental restoration. It is indicated to be used in fillings or crowns and dental prostheses such as dentures or bridges. It can also be used to highlight interferences in people with bruxism. You can buy these highly useful articulating papers from E-Dental Mart at a reasonable price.