Scalpel Blade Holder

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Name: Blade Holder Scalpel Rotatable
Usage: Surgery
Feature: Reusable, Rotatable, Durable, and Lightweight

Product Description

Blade Holder Scalpel Rotateable at Best Rates.

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Scalpels are the most common sharp blade like instruments used for cutting and opening in surgical procedures. Scalpels solely are exposed sharp blades that can injure the user to prevent that they often come with detachable scalpel blade holder. It is a small handle made up of stainless steel with smooth edges. If you are looking for such a tool then check this rotatable scalpel blade holder. It is designed to ensure the safety of health professionals working with sharp scalpel blades. Rotatable dental blade holder is light weighted to prevent painful long term usage. It is made with reusable and durable material. Buy the best quality scalpel blade holder with fine silver polish that doesn’t get rusty after sterilization from the one reliable online dental store in Pakistan. 

Advantage Of Scalpel Blade holder

This scalpel blade holder is designed with a rotatable mechanism. You can easily attach a scalpel and rotate it from 90 to 45 degrees on both sides as per your need of procedure. It has proper holding space which fixes your scalpel tightly which prevents it from getting loose or falling off in between procedures. Apart from allowing safe and comfortable usage of sharp scalpel blades, our rotatable scalpel blade holder is cost effective because of its durability.

Technical Specification Of Scalpel Blade Holder

This amazing scalpel blade holder is designed with a scalpel rotation mechanism. It is purely made up of stainless steel and it is used for standard size of scalpel blade. Rotatable scalpel blade holder can be sterilized and autoclaved without ruining its texture and finish.