Bone Rongeur

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Best Quality Bone Rongeur

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Are you looking for best ever dental tools used in endodontic procedures? You are at the right place. E-Dental Mart is the most trusted online dental store to buy best quality products. Check out our range of bone Rongeur. It is a heavy duty surgical instrument. They are heavy pliers with pointed jaw for gnawing holes in bones during surgery. Dental bone Rongeur is available in best quality on our online dental store. Now you can experience best working efficiency with bone Rongeur forceps available in our store. You can buy bone Rongeur forceps online in Pakistan. It is made with high quality stainless steel which increases its durability.

Features Of Bone Rongeur Forceps

Bone Rongeur forceps is a sharp edged heavy dental instrument. It is made up of the highest surgical grade stainless steel. It has a scoop shaped tip used for gouging out bone. Bone Rongeur forceps have an ergonomically designed handle which provides high efficiency working with easy grip. Every bone Rongeur forceps on E-Dental Mart are manufactured with precise care to ensure the satisfying comfort to dentists and health professionals. It is made from rust free material that is autoclavable. Bone Rongeur forceps are polished with silver finish which is not ruined because of cleaning methods. It is available in two different sizes on E-Dental Mart.

Uses Of Bone Rongeur Forceps

Bone Rongeur forceps are used to open a window in bone for better vision of the underlying structures and tissues. They are used in maxillofacial surgery to expose the areas for operation. Not only that these bone Rongeur forceps are also used in neurosurgery, pediatric surgery and orthopedic surgeries. In oral surgeries bone Rongeur forceps are used to remove bony fragments and soft tissues. It is used to cut out holes in bones. With its heavy duty handle it is the best tool for the excavation of bones of ribs, anterior chest wall, skull as well as teeth.