Bracket Holder

PKR  275PKR  350

Product Description

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart
Colour : silver
working ends : single side
Usage : used in orthodontics
Best Bracket Holder Made In Pakistan

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Product Name: Bracket Holder
Function: Hold bracket
Weight: 0.1 Kg

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Bracket Holders as its name says is a dental tool that helps to hold and place brackets on a tooth’s surface. Dental bracket holders are used to position a bracket in the right place. These dental tweezers are small but essential tools used to safely place brackets in the right position. Brackets are tiny in size and difficult to hold by hand, but by dental bracket holder it becomes easy to fit a bracket on the tooth’s surface. Buy dental bracket holders made with great quality stainless steel from our online dental store. In our widest range of dental products available online in Pakistan on a reliable dental store, now dental bracket holder has made its place too.

Uses Of A bracket Holder

Dental bracket holder is used for holding of the bracket wire and brackets. It is used for positioning brackets to a specific place, and properly placing brackets on the tooth surface. Dental bracket holders also known as bracket tweezers work on backward mechanisms. It has two fine angled tips to hold and place brackets on the tooth. Bracket holders can also be used to place small objects in mouth and take out small objects that forceps couldn’t grip.

Quality And Features Of Bracket Holder

Dental bracket holders available on E-Dental Mart are made up of prime quality stainless steel with silver polish. It can be sterilized and autoclaved after every use. It is important to clean every tool after using them to prevent cross infection. Tools available on E-Dental Mart give you guarantee and liberty of cleaning tools in any way you want without destroying their texture and working efficiency.

Bracket Holder available on E-Dental Mart has a gear like head which makes it easy to hold brackets firmly without dropping. It is small in size which makes it easy for dentists to place brackets in the narrowest areas of the oral cavity. Buy your dental bracket holder right now among other best quality dental equipment from our trusted online dental store.