Bracket Remover – Golden Handle (TC Tip)

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Warranty: None
Application: Dental Surgery
Material: Stainless Steel
Name: Bracket Remover Plier
Certification: CE/ISO
Type: Dental Plier

Product Description

Best Orthodontic Bracket Remover in Pakistan.

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No doubt you get the best deals on products when you buy them from E-Dental Mart, Pakistan’s largest online dental store. We are proud to always provide the best dental and surgical products and cater to all your needs. With our range of orthodontic pliers you don’t need to go anywhere else you will get everything you need under one platform. Introducing you to these amazing bracket remover pliers made from stainless highest quality steel. Ortho bracket remover is best for removing metal, ceramic, plastic or any kind of brackets. Dental bracket remover available on E-Dental Mart is CE and ISO approved. We never compromise the quality and effectiveness of our manufactured tools. Orthodontic adhesive remover available on our online dental store is made precisely with insurance of efficient mechanical output. It can be used as a ceramic braces remover or orthodontic glue remover. This multipurpose bracket remover is an important tool in dentistry.

Components and Qualities Of Bracket Remover

Bracket remover is made up of high quality stainless steel material. It is designed to remove the direct bond brackets. Removing ortho brackets is easy with this tool. Ortho Bracket remover provides leverage, while the tip fits between bracket and tooth surface lifting the bracket off without any stress. It has narrow sharp tips to remove brackets or adhesive from the tooth easily. With bracket remover to detach brackets or braces from tooth braces bracket removal is easy and less painful. It has an easy to hold a curved handle for dentists to grip the tool firmly. Sharp tips of dental bracket remover help with the easy removal of brackets or adhesives.

Uses Of Bracket Remover

Bracket remover pliers are a multipurpose tool. It can be used for orthodontic bracket removal. It removes adhesives from the tooth. Sharp tips of dental bracket remover are used for removing direct bonds of brackets. Orthodontic bracket removal is mainly the most common use of this plier. It helps to remove ceramic bracket, metal brackets as well as plastic brackets. But that’s not it, it also helps for the removal of adhesives and dental glue.