Broken Root Forcep (upper)

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Broken Root Forcep is a dental instrument used in oral surgery for tooth extraction. The design makes it easy for the dentist to extract root fragments on the maxillary teeth. Moreover, these forceps are made from good quality steel, preventing rusting and high strength.



In oral surgery, forceps are necessary so that you can pick up teeth from the socket after elevating and luxating them. There are lots of different designs and kinds of forceps. You must know what forceps design will be best in your cases.

One very important forceps that you should have would be the Broken Root Forcep Upper. This forceps is designed to help you extract badly broken down teeth with very minimal crown structure. Moreover, you can use this in removing root fragments.

The design of the Broken Root Forcep makes it very easy to extract maxillary root fragments even up to the most posterior third molars. 



The Broken Root Forceps are designed to help the oral surgeon extract teeth most efficiently and comfortably.

The Broken Root Forcep Upper is specifically designed to pick up root structure on the maxillary arch. It has unique bends which can help you with access even to posterior teeth.

In addition, the Broken Root Forcep has serrated tips. This gives it an effective grasp up to deep sockets where the root fragments can be found. 

Another feature of this product is the long handle. This helps the oral surgeon have a better grip on the instrument and the root fragment. Moreover, long handles help prevent wrist discomfort for the oral surgeon.



Forceps are part of the essential kit for any dental clinic. You will surely encounter teeth that have badly broken down crowns and just root fragments left. With this, you need the Broken Root Forceps to pick these up from the socket. 

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