Bur Organizer Box

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Package includes: 1 x organizer box

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Application: Dental Area

Product Description

Bur Organizer Box

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Haider Rizwan
2 years 7 months ago

Are these sterilisable?

csr7 csr7
2 years 7 months ago

Keep your burs organized and completely clean after sterilization or autoclaving.This is for storing only after sterilization or autoclaving



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Dental burs are small devices used in endodontic surgeries. They are used to cut through hard tissues, teeth or bones in the oral area. These burs are placed in handpieces for use. There are different types of burs made from different materials used in different procedures. Since these burs are small dentists need a proper place to keep them so they can be accessed easily whenever needed. E-Dental Mart introduces you to a range of bur organizer boxes. It is a small box which can keep all different kinds of burs in place. Best quality bur organizer box is great for storing burs in one place not only to keep them organized but protect them from dust and contamination. Buy a bur organizer box online in Pakistan from our trusted dental store.

Product Specification Of Bur Organizer Box

Bur organizer box is available in two different shapes. You can buy a round as well as rectangle box easily from our online dental store. A perfect box to keep burs safe and secure bur organizers is an important thing every dentist needs. You can easily organize all kinds of different burs in it. Bur organizer box is best for keeping burs safe from getting dirty and infected. Bur organizer box is perfect for keeping all burs in one place to easily avail them at the time of need. This bur organizing box is made up of high quality material and it comes with a lid which will keep your burs safe and secure.

Uses Of Bur Organizer Box

There are so many different types of burs used in different procedures. Dental professionals use stainless steel, tungsten carbide or diamond burs according to the need of dental procedure. These burs are small objects used with handpieces to cut through tissues and dental bones. Bur organizer box is an essential in dental clinics used to keep all these burs in one place. If you will keep your burs astray it will be hard to find the exact one when needed. Organizing them in one place makes it easy and efficient to find them when needed. Keep your burs organized and completely clean after sterilization or autoclaving. Make sure you buy this amazing multi-purpose bur organizer box from our online dental store.