Calcium Hydroxide Paste (i-dental)

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Calcium Hydroxide Paste: Product Introduction

The endodontic treatment uses a series of instruments and medicaments to ensure the microorganisms are eliminated from the root canal system. This makes the tooth capable of healing again and resolves the existing disease.

Aside from the files and rotary instruments, you need the calcium hydroxide lining paste! This is a pre-mixed semi-viscous product that is designed for use in root canals. There are also numerous advantages to the product! 

Firstly, the calcium hydroxide paste is indicated for direct and indirect pulp sealing. The pulp can be sealed from contaminants by just injecting the calcium hydroxide lining paste in a root canal.

Moreover, the calcium hydroxide paste for root canals can be a temporary filling. It can be replaced with a more permanent material after the prognosis, and healing of the tooth has been stabilized.


Calcium Hydroxide Paste for Root Canal: Product Details

You can get the calcium hydroxide paste for root canal in a syringe material that is ready to use. The syringe has 2 grams of calcium hydroxide paste. Plus, per purchase, you get five dispensing tips that are curved and slim. These tips are perfect for use with any tooth and root canal orifices.


Top-Notch Antimicrobial Property of Calcium Hydroxide Paste

The calcium hydroxide paste is one of the best options that you can use if you want a reliable intracanal medicament. The paste is formulated with a top-notch antimicrobial property. Even if some microorganisms are left on the root canal you prepared, the calcium hydroxide liner paste will eliminate the rest!

To make the product suited for endodontic use, it is also radiopaque. Being radiopaque makes the product seen on the radiograph. You can easily assess if you placed the product completely solid on the root canal, which helps eliminate all pathogens.


Easy-To-Use Calcium Hydroxide Liner Paste

No dentist would like complicated material. The ease of use of the calcium hydroxide liner paste makes it a go-to intracanal medicament for many dentists! The calcium hydroxide paste is a time-saving product because you can already directly apply it by injecting the syringe and using the dispensing tips. Easy!

The calcium hydroxide paste is also water-based. As we noted before, the product can be a temporary filling material. The previously placed calcium hydroxide paste for root canal temporary filling is easily removed with just water as the solvent.



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