Carrot Shaped Carver

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Name: Carrot Shaped Carver
Application: Hospitals, Dental Clinics
Usage: Professional Dental Usage
Type: Amalgam Carvers

Product Description

Buy Carrot Shaped Carver Online in Pakistan!

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver

working ends : double sided

Material : Stainless steel Hollow Handle

Usage : used in Periodontics

Made In Pakistan

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Carrot Shaped Carver is another important instrument used in restorative dental surgeries. It is a double ended instrument that helps to shape dental amalgam and composite resin. Carrot shaped dental carver is used in orthodontic filling and restoration processes. This instrument is used to develop anatomical features with amalgam and orthodontic wax. Also known as hollenback carver is a great tool for carving grooves and fossae. If you want to get a carrot shaped carver delivered to your home then buy it online from our trustworthy dental store. Carrot shaped carver is available in Pakistan on E-Dental Mart at a reasonable price and best quality.

Product Evaluation Of Carrot Shaped Carver

Carrot shaped carvers are made up of the highest quality stainless steel. E-Dental Mart is believed to be the best manufacturers of dental products. All our supreme quality products are available online waiting for purchase. We have designed this carrot shaped carver with precise ergonomics mechanisms to suit needs of dental professionals and technicians. It has two sharp ends out of which one end is positioned at 90 degrees to provide effective working in all areas. Carrot shaped carver is made up of corrosion resistant material. It is best for long term usage in dental restoration procedures. 

Uses Of Carrot Shaped Carver

Carrot shaped carver is used for shaping and carving amalgam and dental wax. It is used to shape dental impressions properly according to the accurate anatomy. Carrot shaped carvers are not only used for amalgams but they are used to develop features on composites of resin. It has sharp ends which help to carve smaller spaces and shapes on an impression. Mostly carrot shaped carvers are used for precise shaping of grooves and fossae. Carrot shaped carvers are basic tools used for restorative dentistry that help to bring back your beautiful smile.