Cavex Ortho Trace Alginate

Original price was: PKR  2,600.Current price is: PKR  1,950.

Expiry Date: nov-2022
Weight : 500g

Highly elastic and fast setting. For impressions of orthodontic patients.

Made in France.

Application: Orthodontic Practices and Orthodontic Lab
Color: Pink
Odor: Fruit
Setting Time: 2.10 minutes including mixing
Strength: Highly Elastic & High Tear Strength
Patient Setting Time: 1 Minute

Product Description

Cavex Alginate

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Cavex orthodontic alginate is the bestselling teeth impression material. It comes in an exciting fruity flavor which makes it comfortable for patients. Adjusted to the needs of dental practitioners and dental labs caves ortho trace alginate comes in a clear pink color. Buy Cavex alginate online in Pakistan which has an extra fast setting mechanism for efficient working. Preferred by all orthodontists, ortho trace by cavex is the best impression material because of its high elasticity. Buy best alginate available on E-Dental Mart. With its robust consistency and shear strength caves alginate doesn’t flow back into the mouth avoiding gag reflex. In fact it’s pleasant color and fruit taste is inviting for patients to bite it.

Features of Cavex Ortho Alginate

  • It is made with consideration of the needs of dentists.

  • Caves alginate is available in soothing pink color.

  • It is fruit flavored and has a fruity smell which avoids gag reflexes and make patient comfortable

  • Extra fast set for fast and efficient working.

  • This Alginate has the best feature; it can absorb water in less time. That helps in making dust free homogenous paste without lumps.

  • It is highly elastic with shear strength. So it can be removed easily from the mouth and it can be used twice. 

  • Cavex ortho trace alginate has good flow that helps in easy filling of tray.

  • It is made up of consistent solid material which makes a complete and profound impression.

  • Because of its fast setting time it is patient friendly.

Instructions for using Cavex Ortho Alginate


Always store cavex orthotrace in a cool dry place

After opening store it in a tightly closed storage box


For partial impression:

1 scoop + 1/3 beaker of water

For a full expression:                                                              

2 scoops + 2/3 beaker of water

For an extra-large impression:                                              

3 scoops with full beaker of water

For an extra-large impression with stiff alginate:                                                

3 scoops with + water (high viscosity level)