Cavex Outline (Impression Paste)

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Expiry Date : october -2025
60g Blue  Paste
140g White Paste

For secondary impression of complete denture patients.

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Color: Blue & White
Mixing: 30 Seconds
Viscosity: Low
Odor: Naturally Pleasant Odor

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Cavex Outline Impression Paste

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Cavex Outline (Impression Paste)

Cavex Outline Impression Paste is an impression material used mainly to take impressions of edentulous patients and rebate loose-fitting dentures. This material does not contain eugenol and is best used with a customized individual tray for patients.


If you are concerned about making the best prosthesis for your patients, the impression and cast should be accurate. The choice of impression material is just as critical to the technique that you will use. 

In making complete dentures for your edentulous patients, you need to make the best master cast so that your prosthesis can fit your patients optimally. To achieve an accurate impression, you need to use Cavex Outline Impression Paste. 

Furthermore, you can use this product to rebase loose dentures to make them stable again in the patient’s mouth.


This material comes in two components that you need to homogenously mix on a paper pad before dispensing on the individual tray. 

The Cavex Impression material composition ensures low viscosity. This helps achieve an accurate impression of the soft tissue. You do not want to choose a material that has too much body, which pushes tissues away. 

Moreover, the composition ensures that it will be stable upon setting. You can be assured that the impression can still give you a good pour of your cast.

Lastly, the product does not contain eugenol. So, your patient will be more comfortable with it as there is less reaction of soft tissue to eugenol, and there is less undesirable odor from the impression paste.


For your prosthodontic impression materials, Cavex Outline Impression Paste is one of the best choices. You can achieve a good quality impression appropriate for fabricating complete dentures. You will benefit from its accuracy, low viscosity, stability, and ease of use.

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