Cavity Disinfection Solution (I-Clean)

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Cavity Disinfection Solution: Product Introduction

Developing dental caries is a preventable oral problem. However, dentists still encounter a lot of problems with badly broken teeth due to cavities. Cavities are preventable because their causative agent is microorganisms which can easily be prevented.

Caries are a product of microbial biofilm, enamel, dentin demineralization, and time under pathological conditions. Once you encounter a problem with dental caries, it is up to you to make sure that the tooth can be restored for aesthetics and functions.

The amount of restorative materials available for you to choose from is one thing. But since dental caries is a microbial problem, you need an extra step to make sure that you can eliminate the primary cause of the disease. So, you need the cavity disinfection solution.

The cavity disinfectant is a product applied to a tooth preparation before you put your final restoration in it. The way the cavity disinfection solution works because it is built with bactericidal or bacteriostatic chemical components.

When you apply the cavity disinfection solution, you can kill the microorganisms first before you seal the restoration in it. Ensure better prognosis for your patients with the cavity disinfectant!


Cavity Disinfectant: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can get your own cavity disinfectant! This is a liquid solution made for cleaning and drying in the cavity preparation. Each purchase will give you 50 milliliters of the product that comes in a well-sealed amber bottle.


Best Cavity Disinfection Liquid That Effective Kills Pathogenic Bacteria

The best cavity disinfection liquid must carry out the task of killing pathogenic bacteria. Removing the bacteria in the tooth preparation will ensure that secondary caries will not occur.

Essentially, the best cavity disinfection liquid will prevent the disease from returning. This is one of the common complaints of patients. They often feel that the tooth becomes sensitive and decays after restoring it. Avoid this problem with the use of the cavity disinfectant.


Cavity Disinfection Solution Fit for Restorative Needs and Will Not Affect Bond Strength

Most of the time, you will use composite to restore cavity preparations. Composite needs the use of adhesive and primers to bond the material and seal it.

Fortunately, the cavity disinfection solution is biocompatible and is proven to not interfere with the bond strength of any primer and adhesive components that you will use. 

The cavity disinfectant can be used before etching, priming, and placing adhesive.


Buy Cavity Disinfection Solution Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart!

Doing composite restorations is very common in the dental clinic. So, you need to buy cavity disinfection solution online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart.

E-Dental Mart is a very versatile dental shop as it is only online! You can shop for dental products in the comfort of your home or clinic and even have the product shipped to you fast.