Ceramic Brackets

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Name: Ceramic Brackets
Material: Ceramic
Type: Orthodontic Materials
Application: Orthodontic Treatment
colour white

Product Description

Best Orthodontic Ceramic Brackets Online in Pakistan!

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Dr faizan
3 years 7 months ago

Where are these ceramic brackets manufactured in??

E-Dental Mart
3 years 7 months ago

Sir these ceramic brackets are manufactured in China.


1 review for Ceramic Brackets

  1. Dr. Abdullah Jamal (AJ Dental Surgery)

    Received ceramic brackets on time for my dental clinic. Quality & Price is quite Satisfactory. Must give E-Dental Mart a try for receiving all Dental Supplies in a hassle-free manner.

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E-Dental Mart is the name of reliability, durability and trust. Dentistry has turned to innovation with ceramic brackets. They are similar to metal brackets but they are not colored or they come in the color of the tooth. So, they are not visible because they can blend in with the color. They are easy to remove because of the base design and patented debonding plier. Braces with ceramic brackets are clear and they are used to strengthen teeth and fix bite problems. There is no major difference between metal and ceramic brackets. But people prefer ceramic brackets because they can merge with your tooth color and don’t look bad. 

Pros of Ceramic Brackets

They are less painful. People who have experience with both metal and ceramic, they claim braces with ceramic brackets don’t hurt cheeks and they are less harsh on gums. Braces can be embarrassing for some people. One good thing about ceramic brackets is they are not easily noticeable.

Ceramic brackets are long lasting. They last long throughout the treatment without having to be replaced. Braces with ceramic brackets are very effective and offer discretion when getting your teeth straightened.

Ceramic brackets work on ‘shear peel’ mechanism so they can be removed easily just by fingertips on pliers instead of torquing the tooth. One more thing that is good about ceramic brackets is that it doesn’t wear off enamel.

They have rounded corners and a patient friendly design which makes them more comfortable. They are most suited for metal allergy patients. They don’t have to worry about the gap between their teeth because they can wear ceramic brackets. Buy online best transparent aesthetic brackets from E-Dental Mart. 

Buy high quality ceramic brackets with greatly improved bonding strength, good concealing, uniformly forced and crystal clear. E-Dental Mart never fails to provide the best.