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Product Description

Buy Chissels  Online in Pakistan!

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver

working ends : double sided

Material : Stainless steel Hollow Handle, solid Handle

Usage : used in Periodontics

Made In Pakistan

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Chissels are dental instruments used to remove contour or smooth areas of bones or enamel during dental surgeries. Chissels are surgical instruments for dental procedures. You can order best quality chissels in Pakistan from E-Dental Store online. The ranges of chissels we have are manufactured by stainless steel of premium quality. It has two different working ends and solid or hollow handle for effective working. Out of many instruments used by dentists in periodontics one of the most common instruments for dental implants is chissel. This is vital in implant procedures as chissels helps to remove, contour and smooth areas of bone so that implant hardware can be inserted. 

Features Of Chissels

Most chissel has one beveled cutting edge on side of the tool for uses like cutting and removing bones. Chissel available on our online dental store has two beveled cutting edges which help in splitting teeth. It also makes it easier to remove broken or damaged tooth. We have chissels with flat straight ends that allows a dental professional to flatten pulpal floor. Buy online chissels from our dental store which can be used in variety of implant procedures.

Product Evaluation

Chissels you buy from E-Dental Mart comes with two different working ends. It is available in solid handle as well as hollow handle. Choose according to your need and order nowChissels available here are like all of our products made from premium stainless steel material and they can be autoclaved and sterilized. One end of chissels has feature blades that are used in cavity preparation. It can also be used in shaping amalgam or wax. Other end of chissels is used for planning and cleaving enamel. Its smooth flat end is convenient for the use in implant procedures. Chissels is vital tool used in periodontics which help dentists to revive your teeth.