Closed Coil Spring

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Product Name: Dental Closed Coil Spring
Type: Orthodontic Materials
Application: Orthodontic Treatment
Material : Nickel Titanium (NiTi)

Product Description

Premium Quality Closed Coil Spring in Pakistan.

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Closed coil spring is a helical spring designed to resist stretching and twisting. They are made by bending wires of the same diameter in the form of a helix. These springs are also known as tension and extension springs. They can bear stress caused by high torsion or bending forces. The coils of closed coil springs are closely wound to each other. Coils also lie on the same axis of the helix. They are good for absorbing shock and vibration. They have a small pitch the size of a helix. Closed coil spring cannot deflect in axial direction under axial torsion. They are made up of nickel and titanium. It provides constant force and remains active until the force is closed. They are active components of the fixed appliance alongside with arch wires and elastics. 

Uses Of Closed Coil Spring

They are used for the retraction of maxillary canines into the extraction spaces. 

They are very useful for en-masse retraction of the anterior. Especially it used for upper arch anteriors 

Closed coil springs are used for orthodontic alignment of impacted teeth especially they have been useful for the palatally impacted canines.

Closed coil spring braces are used to close the gap between teeth. 

Specifications of Closed Coil Spring

The initial and effective length of closed coil spring is 3 mm and it can be stretched to 15 mm when they are activated. Deactivation value of a closed coil spring is up to 0.5mm. Closed coil springs produce light continuous forces over the long range of activation. 

It is indicated that nickel titanium closed spring coil has relatively constant force over a range of 7 mm tooth movement with one activation. Due to that they require minimum activations. Buy closed coil springs from E-Dental Mart in highest quality and lowest price in Pakistan.