Coupland Elevators (wisdom)

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Coupland Elevators by Wisdom

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Dr hadi
2 years 10 months ago

I need the curved one. What does size 1,2 and 3 indicate

csr6 csr6
2 years 10 months ago

Sir we will confirm you shortly.

csr6 csr6
2 years 10 months ago

Coupland Elevators (wisdom) Available in different sizes 1mm, 2mm , 3mm



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If you are looking for dental tools manufactured in great quality then you should check out E-Dental Mart online store. We care about all your dental needs and we provide the best quality products to give you great working experience. E-Dental Mart brings you Coupland elevators wisdomCoupland dental elevators wisdom are commonly used for dental extraction. They are made from high quality supreme stainless steel. E-Dental Mart has the best Coupland elevators wisdom for tooth extraction. They are used in sets of three sizes. Each size of Coupland elevators wisdom are used for luxation of multi-rooted teeth. You can buy these best quality Coupland elevators wisdom online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart.

Specifications of Coupland Elevator Wisdom

E-Dental Mart presents you the best dental Coupland elevator wisdom. These are the best quality dental extraction tools. Coupland elevators wisdom are made from stainless steel. They can be easily used for a long time because it is corrosion free. It is designed with perfect ergonomics that allows dental professionals to work easily with comfort. Coupland dental elevators wisdom are the best tools for extraction. It has a perfect tip that fits between the roots of teeth and they are rotated to extract teeth. Coupland dental elevator wisdom has a cylindrical handle that would fit perfectly in the hands of dentists. Like dental professionals always care most about patient’s comfort we care about their comfort. We provide easy grip dental extraction tools.

Uses of Coupland Elevator by Wisdom

Coupland dental elevators by wisdom are instruments used in endodontic extractions. They have tips of different sizes that can fit between teeth to extract teeth smoothly. Coupland elevators are used to loosen teeth prior to Forcep extraction. They are best quality elevators for removal of roots or impacted teeth. Coupland elevator by wisdom works smoothly and reaches out to places forceps can’t reach. They are the perfect dental tool for malposition or fractured teeth.