Crown Remover

PKR  660PKR  1,639

Product Description

Premium Quality Crown Remover used for removal of Crowns and Bridges.


Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Size: Standard
Usage: Removing Crown Instrument

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Crown remover is a dental instrument used to remove crowns and bridges in different conditions. If a given prosthetic fails or when rct treatment fails dental crown remover is used. A variety of techniques are used to remove the crown or a bridge of a failing restoration treatment. And different removers are available to meet the needs of any technique. But the crown remover tool on E-Dental Mart is one of the best. It is not traumatic and separates the crown from the tooth by gripping it or prying it free. Buy Dental crown remover online in Pakistan at a reasonable price which is easy to use. And it is made up of high quality material. Crown remover we provide is of standard size and it comes in three different types. Buy a crown remover forcep that works with a clipper or button and manual according to your need.

Why Buy A Crown Remover

Crown remover tools are easiest to use. Dentists used to remove crowns with high speed diamond burrs. Using burrs was a lot difficult and took a lot of time. It also made patients very uncomfortable. But now with these suitable and handy crown remover forceps it is so easy to remove a crown or bridge. Crown remover helps to remove crown with minimal danger of breaking the tooth. 

How Does Crown Remover Works 

The aim is to estimate the cement layer level between the occlusal surface of the abutment and inner side of the crown so the first thing to do is to locate the most accessible spot on the crown. Now using crown remover drill a thin horizontal window in the crown and slightly extend the hole to form a horizontal rectangle. Finally you can insert a key into the bottom of the crown and make simple strokes by pressing the button or pushing the clip of the crown remover.