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Package Includes 2 pieces (right and left)

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Product Description

Cryer – Set of 2 ( Right & Left )

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Material: Stainless Steel
Autoclave: yes
Size: Standard
Usage: Removing Root Stamps
Type: Oral Therapy Equipment & Accessories

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Dental cryers are elevating instruments used for luxation and removal of teeth or tooth fragments. They are used when forceps cannot reach to the tooth or it can’t be grasped by the blades of forceps. Dental cryer have three parts: handle, shank and blade. Buy the best dental cryer online which is made up of prime quality stainless steel. It is autoclave dental root elevator perfect for root elevation, removing root stamps, and tooth removal. Best dental cryer is made up with a rust prevention procedure. You can order a set of two, right and left cryers from E-Dental Mart online just by one click. 

Working Mechanism Of Cryer

Dental cryers work on wheel and axle mechanisms. They are the same as socket applicator crossbar elevators. Dental cryer is introduced through the empty socket of one root of a multi rooted mandibular molar to engage and remove interdental bone and other remaining root. Cryer is also used in surgical removal of lower molars. If you are looking for high quality autoclavable dental cryers online in Pakistan then you are at right place. You can buy dental cryers and get them delivered to your doorstep.  

Indications For The Use Of Dental Cryer

Dental cryers are used for luxation of teeth before the application of forceps. Dental cryer is used to luxate or remove teeth or a piece of teeth that can’t be grasped by forceps for example, impacted teeth, malpositioned teeth, fragile teeth or teeth with cervical caries. To remove these dental cryers is the best dental tool to be used. They are easy to handle and less painful. Another indication for the use of a cryer is when initial application of forceps is liable to trauma. They are also used to remove roots broken at time of surgery. And removal of residual buried or visible root.

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