Dental Examination set

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Brand : E-Dental Mart
Material : Stainless Steel with coating to ensure rust-free
Color : Silver
Reusable or Disposable : Reusable
Rust Preventive Procedure : Passivation
Sterile or Non-Sterile : Non-Sterile
Polished : Yes
Quality Assurance : All E-Dental Mart instruments are tested and verified as per international quality check procedures


• Package Dimensions (cm) – Length x Width x Height
21 x 7.5 x 0.5 cm (For Both)


1 Dental Examination Kit


1 Dental Examination Kit x 21 x 7.5 x 0.5 cmt consists of
– Dental Mirror
– Dental Explorer (Probe)
– Tweezer
Note : Customized Examination Kit can be made upon request


Normal Delivery : 3-5 Working Days (Usually delivered in 2-4 working days)
Urgent Delivery : 1-2 Working Days (Usually delivered overnight)
delivery charges vary for both

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Properties : light weight, easy grip, rust free.
set of 3 pieces :
1- dental mirror
2-dental explorer (probe)

Got some Question?

Faheem Iqbal
3 years 8 months ago

How many pieces does your Dental Examination Kit have?

E-Dental Mart
3 years 8 months ago

Sir, our Dental Examination Kit has 3 pieces, Dental Mirror, Tweezers and Dental Explorer.

Dr Hassan Afzaal
2 years 9 months ago

Which kind of dental mirror in examination set? Front facing?

csr6 csr6
2 years 9 months ago

we will confirm you shortly

csr6 csr6
2 years 9 months ago

Dr Hassan Afzaal No its normal mirror. If you wants you can buy front surface separately.


2 reviews for Dental Examination set

  1. Asra Mehmood

    please give a direct line of communication i ordered some stuff last week and really like your quality. i want to order in bulk

    • E-Dental Mart

      Thank you for appreciating our products ma’am, for bulk orders please contact our sales team at 0304-1110244.

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It is easy to go buy things online but it is hard to find the right place to buy the best quality product. Buy a dental examination set, high quality and convenient price from our store. We have the best tools for dental professionals in Pakistan. 

Contents of the kit:

This basic dental examination kit contains three basic tools every dentist to need

  1. A premium quality dental mirror
  2. Rust free and dental exploration probe
  3. A pair of finest quality, light weighted with easy grip tweezers

About each tool

Dental examination mirror:
It is made up of high stainless quality steel available in both normal handle and hollow handle. Used for periodontal examination allows you to see through all angles. It comes in an easy to grip size and shape with a tilted mirror head which makes your examination object visible.

Dental Explorator: 

Another tool in the dental examination kit is the probe. It is also made up of rust free stainless steel. The Tapering sharp and blunt end of this probe is perfect to enhance the tactile sensation. It is light in weight which prevents unnecessary application.


Periodontal examination kit contains a pair of best quality tweezers which are easy to hold and grip. Dental tweezers are the basic need for every dentist to put or remove something from their mouth. Now you can buy them along with other Basic dental examination tools.

Why trust E-dental mart:

If you have wasted time in finding fine quality products at convenient prices but found nothing then your troubles are over because E-dental mart is a trusted online store with products made from highest quality material at a reasonable price. So why wait anymore get our hands on this brilliant dental examination set.