Denture Finishing Stone

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Denture Finishing Stone

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Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, stone large round bur


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Denture Finishing Stones are different kinds of rotary polishing tips for denture acrylic. This product can help you trim and smoothen out your dentures for the best fit and comfort for your patients.



One of the essential steps in denture fabrication is trimming, finishing, and polishing. These steps ensure that your fabricated dentures will be comfortable and fit for your patients. For this task, you need the denture finishing stones to help you.

The denture finishing stones can be attached to your dental handpieces. You can use this to trim away excess acrylic in your dentures. Moreover, you can use this to smoothen its margins to ensure a safe and comfortable fit.



You cannot install your dentures to your patients without adequately trimming and polishing them. It would be best if you had good-quality denture finishing tips before you can do this step.

The main advantage of using denture finishing tips is they can make your dentures smooth and excess-free. This is essential since it can significantly prevent harming the oral mucosa. Moreover, you can also give your patients more peripheral seals with a rounded and smooth denture margin.

Other than these, the denture finishing tips can give you a nice sheen to your denture acrylics. This ensures that you remove unwanted dirt or debris on your dentures. Moreover, this makes your dentures smooth and will prevent unwanted plaque accumulation.



In doing prosthodontic procedures, you will surely benefit from having denture finishing stones in your dental clinic. These finishing stones will aid you in your trimming and polishing of your fabricated dentures. Moreover, these products come in a variety of shapes. You will find the one which is best suited for your needs.

You can buy denture finishing stone online in Pakistan at E Dental Mart. Check these out now and experience the improvement in your denture trimming and finishing.