Disposable Examination Set

Original price was: PKR  120.Current price is: PKR  95.

Package include:

     1pc mirror
     1pc tweezer
     1pc probe
     1pc bib
     1pc tray
     2pc cotton ball

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Product Description

Disposable Examination Set includes:

1: Dental mirror
2: Tweezer
3: Dental explorer
4: Dental bib
5: Cotton ball
6: Plastic tray

Product Name: Disposable Examination Set
Application: Dental Area
Feature: Disposable, Multi-purpose
package includes:
1 x dental mirror
1 x probe
1 x tweezer
1 x dental bib
2 x cotton balls
1 x plastic tray

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Do we have CPITN prove in it?

csr7 csr7
2 years 7 months ago

All items will be same as mention in picture sir/mam



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Disposable examination set is the most innovative product in the history of dentistry. It comes with so many benefits that it is so hard to not have a bunch of these kits in your clinic. Dental examination instruments can get germs and sterilizing them again and again can be painful. Some patients are so keen about their hygiene that they want to be treated by completely cleaned instruments. No need to worry about cleaning your dental instruments again and again with chemicals that can corrode their metal. Buy this disposable dental kit for one time use. Throw it after using and use a new one with a different patient. All items of this kit are made up of disposable material. Disposable dental examination sets are available at an excitingly low price on E-Dental Mart so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on this great product. Buy disposable dental examinations set online in Pakistan at inexpensive price and great product quality. 

Contents Of Disposable Examination Kit

The best disposable dental examination kit contains all the major and necessary instruments for easy and clean examination. It comes in a plastic package and it contains a sterilized dental mirror, one probe, and one pair of tweezers, one dental bib, two cotton balls and one plastic tray. All handles of dental instruments are made from solid plastic for easy grasping. 

Uses Of Disposable Examination Kit

Disposable examination kit is designed for everyday single time use. They have replaced reusable instruments because they save time and money on sterilization. They provide dentists with an excellent solution to treat patients without waiting for sterilization.