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1 x 13g Dycal base
1 x 11g Dycal catalyst

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Made in Germany

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Dycal Calcium Hydroxide setting material (liner)

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Dycal is a calcium hydroxide material. It comes in two components: a base and a catalyst with an included mixing pad. Dycal Ivory has various applications in the dental practice.



Large carious lesions are very common in dental practice. The problem with this is the compromised pulp health. You would want to maintain the vitality of the pulp. To help you with these kinds of cases, make sure to use Dycal Ivory base and catalyst.

Dycal is a calcium hydroxide liner material suited for exposed or almost exposed pulp tissue. This material preserves the vitality of the pulp through the direct and indirect pulp.

Moreover, Dycal, as a calcium hydroxide material, also have other applications. It can be mixed as calcium hydroxide cement. Dycal Ivory dental cement can be used for luting crowns onto prepared teeth. 

Also, Dycal Ivory obturation calcium hydroxide can heal the root canal system. They have reparative and antimicrobial capability, so they can aid in healing your pulpal and periapical pathoses.



Mix Dycal Ivory base and catalyst until homogenous. Then, please place them in the deepest areas of the tooth preparation to act as a barrier between exposed pulps after excavation. Or if you have assessed the need to put it in deep cavities to preserve pulp health. Dycal Ivory has the capacity to stimulate dentin deposition to protect the pulp.

Moreover, Dycal is a self-setting material. After complete setting, you can proceed to place a temporary or permanent restoration.



You will always see restorative cases in your clinic. The extent of the lesion varies greatly. Because of this, you need to be prepared for extensive and deep lesions with pulp health which can still be preserved. 

Dycal, as a calcium hydroxide material, is still said to be of high popularity among dentists due to the substantial evidence supporting its good use.

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