Egg Shaped Burnisher

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Product Description

Best Quality Egg Shaped Burnisher in Pakistan!

Brand Name : E-Dental Mart

Colour : silver

working ends : Double sided

Type :  Hollow Handle and solid Handle

Usage : used in Operative Dentistry

Made In Pakistan

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Egg Shaped Burnishers are dental instruments used to ensure that amalgam restorations are smooth and condensed. Egg shaped burnishers also known as T ball burnishers because of the shape of its ends is made up of prime stainless steel and furnished with shiny fine silver polish. We understand that using good quality instruments in treatment creates a trust and close bond between dentists and patients. It gives dental professionals confidence and their patients’ sense of safety. To buy such supreme quality products E-Dental Mart is always at your service. Buy the finest egg shaped dental burnisher online in Pakistan to add in your set of dental instruments. 

Uses Of Egg Shaped Burnisher 

Egg ball burnisher is used in dental restorative procedures. It is used to smooth amalgam impressions and condense them. It can also be used to contour matrix bands before placement. T ball burnishers are used in burnishing amalgam characteristics. T ball burnishers are important tools because of their usage in initiation carving. 

Ball like end of egg-shaped burnisher is used to smooth occlusal anatomy. Egg shaped burnisher is a vitally important tool in restorative dental procedures. But they also help in burnishing temporary filling and other restorative materials. 

Features Of Egg Shaped Burnisher 

Egg ball shaped burnishers are made up of two working ends used to smooth amalgam carvings. They have ergonomically designed with precise measurement to help dentists and technicians. It is vital for tools that are used for a long time to have light weight. For this reason T ball dental burnisher is made with a hollow slender handle. It is polished in silver color to give it a shiny finish. Its material is purely rust-free which prevents any kind or corrosive damage. Due to this reason it has a high durability rate. Because of all these unique features we suggest you to buy T ball burnisher from our online dental store.