Glass Ionomer CX Smart (shofu)

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powder : 45g
liquid : 30g(25ml)

Made in Japan.

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Shofu Hy Bond Glass Ionomer CX Smart

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45 g
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Weight 200 g


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Hy Bond Glass Ionomer CX Smart Shofu is a biocompatible luting cement for final restorations. This product contains a glass component and a liquid polymer component. When these are mixed, you can achieve a good consistency for luting with sufficient working time for the dentist. 


Final restorations will be just as good as the luting cement that you will use. The luting cement will play a significant role in the longevity of the restoration and tooth health. 

With the Shofu Glass Ionomer, you can have good-quality self-adhesive technology for luting of final restorations. 


Shofu Glass Ionomer is a well-used luting cement for final restorations. This is capable of chemical bonding to the tooth. Therefore, you can have an excellent marginal seal which ensures the prevention of microleakage, which is the leading cause of failure of the restoration.

Moreover, Shofu Glass Ionomer is capable of fluoride release. This helps prevent secondary caries from developing in vital and non-vital abutment teeth.

In addition, this luting cement is easy to use. All you need to do is mix in correct proportions and place it on the tissue side of the restoration. There are no etching or bonding agents required before use. 

Another benefit of the properties of Shofu Glass Ionomer is its biocompatibility. It does not contain resin. Therefore, it limits hypersensitive reactions to patients, and it does not harm a vital pulp.


Shofu Glass Ionomer is a versatile cement that can be used on almost any patient in your dental clinic. This cement is cost-effective and relatively cheap. Also, the Shofu Glass Ionomer is very easy to use and can give you a good quality seal for a long-lasting final restoration.

You can buy Shofu Glass Ionomer CX Smart Online in Pakistan. If you are interested, you can check them out at E Dental Mart. Here, you can see other good-quality dental materials for your clinic.