Glass Slab

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Material: Glass Plates
Usage: Glass mixing Pad

Product Description

Premium Quality Glass Slab for GIC and other material mixing.

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Are you looking for a place to buy orthodontic instruments and products used in dentistry? If you are someone who prefers to shop online then you have come to the perfect place. It is hard to find good quality dental products among so many online stores. Every online store can’t be trusted with guaranteed good quality. E-Dental Mart not only provides you a variety of dental tools, equipment and products but also gives you guarantee of high quality manufacturing. We present to you a glass slab. It is used for the mixing of hand materials prior to their application. We provide you dental glass slab made from premium quality glass. These are perfect for GIC and mixing other materials. Now in your own country buy glass slab online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart.

Features Of Dental Glass Slab

Dental glass slab available on E-Dental Mart is made from the best quality glass. It is polished and has a smooth texture. This glass slab can be easily washed and sterilized after use. That is why it is best for the prevention of cross-infection. E-Dental Mart’s first priority is to provide you complete working comfort in every way. This is why all tools and equipment available on our online dental store are made in such a way that they can be easily sterilized and cleaned to maintain top quality hygiene. Dental glass slab available in our store is perfect for mixing materials. Glass slab can be used for a long time and it gives you comfort of smoothly mixing materials.

Uses Of Dental Glass Slab

Glass slab is a glass plate that is used for mixing materials before applying them. These flat plates made from glass are designed in a way so that materials don’t stick to them when they’re being mixed. Dental glass slabs are also used to mix glass ionomer cement.

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