Hand Piece Oil (SKI)

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Premium Quality Hand Piece Oil SKI

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 The first and most important problem dental professionals face while working with a handpiece is friction. Every motor in a handpiece produces a minimum amount of friction that can defect the working effectiveness of the handpiece. It can also decrease the speed. All in all handpieces can get ruined within a short time because of friction. To increase the durability and life of dental handpieces we present you Handpiece Oil SKI. It is the best Handpiece Oil Spray that you can easily use to reduce friction. SKI Handpiece Oil is available on our online dental store at an amazing price rate. Buy SKI Handpiece Lubricant Oil from E-Dental mart to keep your handpiece free from friction and use them for a long time.

Features Of Handpiece Oil SKI

SKI handpiece oil is highly effective, general handpiece and air motor lubricant with an improved formula for better cleaning and efficacy. This handpiece oil spray is not made from toxic or harmful chemicals that can cause a problem with the patients. It is completely safe and easy to use handpiece lubricant oilSKI handpiece oil comes in a bottle with spray cap which makes it easier to apply on handpieces. It is the best oil for the lubrication of handpieces of high and low speed, air motors as well as other electronic devices. It is slightly clear and contains a nice fragrance that gives equipment a refreshing look.

Advantages Of Handpiece Oil SKI

It is perfectly suitable for oiling high speed and low speed dental handpieces. Handpiece oil SKI cleans and prevents contaminant build up. It is the best handpiece oil spray because it optimizes the performance of precision bearing. It provides effective lubrication and protects turbines, air motors, shanks etc to increase life of the equipment. SKI handpiece lubricant oil is non-toxic oil suitable for daily cleaning of and maintenance of dental equipment.