Impression Compound Type 2 (compound cake)

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Name: Impression Compound Type 2
usage : impression for complete dentures

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Impression Compound Type 2
Impression Compound Cake

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Weight 150 g


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 E-Dental Mart has the biggest range of impression material materials among them, check out Impression Compound Type 2 available on our store. Dental Impression Compound is indicated for full or partial impressions. We offer you the best ever impression materials of different brands with amazing and unique features. Not just impression materials but E-Dental Mart is a trusted online store for all kinds of tools and products you would need in dentistry. Innovative designs and maximum working efficiency is the top most quality of products available in our store. We bring to you type 2 impression compound with high fusing temperature and greater flow. You can easily Buy Impression Compound Type 2 Online in Pakistan from our online dental store.

Features Of Impression Compound Type 2

Impression compound type 2 available on our store is made up of perfect composition for accurate impressions. It comes in a solid cake which can easily melt. Storing of dental impression compounds is easy because of its stable solid structure. On melting it gives clay like texture that can be used to take impressions in an easy way. Impression compound type 2 is a high fusing functional impression compound which can provide great flow. This amazing dental impression compound is perfectly suitable for primary impressions of complete dental prosthesis.

How To Use Impression Compound Type 2

Impression compound type 2 comes in a solid cake form. It can be melted in a temperature controlled water bath, air bath or open flame. When the compound is heated outside part is softened first and inside part softens last. Dental impression compound requires an adequate amount of time to be uniformly heated throughout its mass. Due to its high fusing quality it requires high temperature for greater flow. Once it is sufficiently softened it can be easily placed into the oral area for taking the impression. It satisfies all criteria for the ideal tissue substitute.