Impression Putty Gun

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Name: Impression Putty Gun
Color: white and black
Material: plastic
Usage: Impression Accessories
for taking light body impression

Product Description

Premium Quality Impression Putty Gun

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E-Dental Mart is one stop shop for all the amazing products you would need dentistry. We cater to all your needs with responsibility providing you the best materials for restorative procedures. Impression putty is an impression material used to make occlusal impressions. In our store you will get impressions of materials from the leading brands. But if you are looking for equipment to make your impression making procedure enhanced and amazing then we present to you the Impression Putty Gun. It is used as a dispenser for easy delivering of impression material. We have the Best Impression Putty Gun with the best working abilities. You can Buy Impression Putty Gun Online in Pakistan at an amazing rate.

Benefits of Impression Putty Gun

Impression putty guns are amazing helpful equipment in restorative dentistry. It will help dentists with the automatic easy mixing of impression putty. It will decrease time of working and provide so much ease to the dentists. Best impression putty gun does not only provide automatic mixing but it also dispenses and delivers the impression in an easy way with its handgun cartridge. It is the most helpful tool in restorative orthodontics because it provides a direct intraoral application. An Impression putty gun with consistent material characteristics and void free mixing gives the dentist comfort and ease.

Features Of Impression Putty Gun

Impression putty guns are dispenser guns used as a convenient way to add impression materials to impression trays. This instrument is made from high quality plastic and it has a cartridge of impression material and an impression dispensing tip. Best impression putty gun is handheld equipment and it works on trigger mechanisms. The trigger controls the plungers which push the impression material. This impression gun has made it easy to move impression material and tray anywhere it is needed. It is easy to squeeze out a precise amount of impression materials from this impression putty gun available on E-Dental Mart.