Lingual Retainer

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Package includes 2 retainers (upper and lower).

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Lingual retainers are orthodontic appliances bonded on the lingual part of your patient’s teeth to help prevent unwanted tooth movement.


Orthodontic procedures do not end after getting the teeth to where you want them. Part of the treatment includes helping your patient maintain it and avoid relapse. For this purpose, it is best to use a fixed lingual retainer!

The lingual retainer is a simple dental appliance that can be glued or bonded to the lingual aspect of the teeth after orthodontic treatment. Aside from orthodontics, this product can also be used when teeth must be splinted, such as dental trauma or periodontal issues.


A lingual retainer must be capable of surviving in the oral cavity for a long time. It must hold onto the lingual tooth structure during the whole course of treatment. This would only be possible if the material used were of the best quality.

With the best lingual retainer, this is possible! The material used on this product has the best tensile strength, which can still be flexible to follow the arch shape. With this, it can be securely bonded to the tooth without the risk of being torn or fractured.

Furthermore, the fixed lingual retainer has a mesh on its bonding side. This can significantly add surface area for bonding and etching into place! With this mesh, bond strength can be better, leading to a better overall patient experience.

Lastly, with the product, you can safely put it fixed inside the mouth. The metal alloys used are not harmful to the oral tissues.


You must buy this lingual retainer if you want the best fixed orthodontic retainer for your patients. This product has guaranteed strength, resiliency, and flexibility fit for all orthodontic or periodontic cases!

If you want, you can buy the lingual retainer online in Pakistan! All you need to do is purchase it from E-Dental Mart along with other dental products for your needs.