LM art Kit

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LM Art Kit: Product Introduction

Composite restorations are indicated for anterior and posterior teeth. The tooth-colored fillings offer a durable restoration for cavities with the bonus of the esthetic properties of composite.

However, there are many challenges when it comes to the use of composite. To maximize its life-like appearance, you must have the necessary instruments to produce cusps and grooves that replicate the original tooth structure.

You need the LM Art Kit for your every composite restoration! The LM Art Set from E-Dental Mart provides five double-ended instruments.

Each working end of the best LM Art Kit provides different shapes. All of these will be useful in carving the anatomies of teeth.

You can use the LM Art Set on any tooth surface. Sculpting complex occlusal anatomies of posterior teeth can be possible. Furthermore, you also have flat-ended instrument tips that can be perfect for a smooth surface and anterior teeth.


LM Art Set: Product Details

The LM Art Set contains a set of double-ended instruments that are used to aid in composite layering. Each instrument has different working ends that you can choose from.

The handle of the best LM Art Kit is composed of colored silicone handles with tactile notches for better grip during use.

The working ends of the instruments are composed of high-quality stainless steel that works well and would not stain composite fillings.


Best LM Art Kit For Composite Layering With Specialized Tip Design

The main use of the LM Art Set is for composite layering. Composite material is placed incrementally as small as two millimeters in size. This ensures that the composite material is fully cured when packed in the tooth cavity.

The great benefit of having the LM Art Set silicone handle kit with you is that you have all the instruments you need in one set. The set is expertly made to ensure that you can work on all tooth surfaces.

Furthermore, the LM Art Kit can help you with even the most complicated anatomies. You can use the carrot-shaped end for building cusp inclines. And, the slender flat ends can help build composite walls


LM Art Set Silicone Handle Kit: Ergonomic, Lightweight, Easy to Use 

Of course, it is easier to work with lightweight instruments. The LM Art Set is made with light materials that will not tire you out when using it.

Moreover, its handles have an ergonomic design that adapts well to your hands when in use. With all these, it will be very easy for you to restore teeth with the composite layering technique.


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