Metal Cheek Retractor

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Package includes single piece only.

Product Description

Premium Quality Metal Cheek Retractor in Pakistan.

Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: Pakistan
Material: Stainless Steel, Metal
Color: Silver
Certification: CE/FDA/ISO
Application: Dental Hospital
Quality: High
Type: Dental Implant Material

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Metal Cheek Retractor solves the biggest problem dentists face during a dental procedure, which is to keep their patient’s mouth open for a long time. Since dentists need access to wide areas of mouth so they can easily work. But it gets difficult for patients to open their mouths that big to provide a wide working field. E-Dental Mart has an amazing solution for this problem. We present you a range of Metal Cheek Retractor. It is an innovative amazin device to keep the mouth of a patient open while performing a dental procedure. Dental Metal Cheek Retractor works with both conscious and unconscious patients Stainless Steel Cheek Retractor is the most helpful device for dentists. You can Buy Metal Cheek Retractor Online in Pakistan from our online dental store.

Features Of Metal Cheek Retractor

We offer you a range of metal cheek retractors made up of stainless steel of highest quality. These dental metal cheek retractors are available in an aesthetic design with silver polish that makes it look smooth. It is perfect for the retraction and holding of the cheek. Stainless steel cheek retractors are important tools for dentists working with especially conscious patients. These retractors available at our online dental store are perfectly safe CE, FDA and ISO proved.

Uses Of Metal Cheek Retractors

Metal cheek retractors are used in place of cotton rolls to retract cheeks in order to open the mouth and hold it in place while dentists are working in the oral cavity. Dental metal cheek retractors are devices dentists use to increase their working area so they can work smoothly. They provide patients comfort by not struggling to keep their mouth open and prevent gag reflex. As for dentists, cheek retractors are useful because they provide comfort and convenience to easily work for a long time. Stainless steel metal cheek retractors are durable and they can be autoclaved so they are perfect for the usage in dental clinics.