Micro Implant Driver

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Micro Implant Driver: Product Introduction

Micro implants are one of the newer mechanisms used in orthodontic procedures. A micro implant is a small screw-like material threaded into the patient’s alveolar bone. Once the micro implant is integrated into the bony structure, you can use it as a stable anchorage for tooth or arch movement.

You need to use the micro implant driver to place the micro implant successfully. This is an essential adjunct in the placement of the device. It is also important to note that not all orthodontic cases require a micro implant driver. However, as an orthodontist, you must make sure that you identify which cases need this kind of procedure.

For example, the micro implants are helpful in craniofacial cases and several others which need more stable support. 

The micro implant screwdriver is a small hand-held device designed to fit snuggly into the implant head that you are screwing. 


Micro Implant Screw Driver: Product Details

At E-Dental Mart, you can get yourself a trusted micro implant screwdriver. This product comes with two different heads that you can screw on. Each has different lengths to accommodate anterior or posteriorly placed implant screws.


High-Precision Micro Implant Mini Screw Driver

Placement of a micro implant for orthodontic use is quite a technique-sensitive procedure. You need to be accurate in the placement and threading of the screw so that you can get it at the appropriate level. The placement’s success will inevitably dictate the orthodontic procedure’s overall success.

The micro implant mini screwdriver can provide you with high precision. Using the product, you can easily apply the correct amount of rotations. Furthermore, it has adequate strength and torque to place your orthodontic implant.

Furthermore, the micro implant driver is made with high-quality steel. Aside from high precision and strength, the product can also be used with a steam autoclave. Ensure that each use is safe and free from contaminants.


Appropriately Sized and Convenient to Use Micro Implant Driver

Another common problem with placing the screw for orthodontic anchorage is the access to the surgical site. There is only a limited space, especially in the posterior teeth segment where micro implants can also be placed.

The micro implant driver is a good product because it is appropriately sized. You can easily fit the product even in difficult-to-reach areas.


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