Microten (disinfectant)

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Premium Quality Liquid Disinfectant

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E-Dental Mart brings to you the best ever Disinfectant. Dentists face the biggest threat of spreading infections through the tools they use. But you don’t have to worry now because we have the best economical and aldehyde-free concentrated solution of perfect pre-sterilization and cleaning disinfectant for all kinds of dental and surgical instruments. E-Dental Mart offers you the best products that are preferred by dentists and medical professionals all over Pakistan. In these trying times of lock down and pandemic E-Dental Mart online dental store provide you the facility of shopping for the best dental products online. So if you are looking for the best cleaning liquid then Microten Disinfectant Liquid is perfect for you. You can Buy Disinfectant online from our store at a very reasonable price.

Characteristics Of Microten Disinfectant Liquid

Microten disinfectant liquid is aldehyde-free cleaning liquid with a broad spectrum of efficacy. It can be used in a soaking tank or ultrasonic cleaner. It is a powerful disinfectant tri enzyme. It comes in concentrated solutions for cleaning of burs, root canal instruments, forceps and all kinds of sterilizable stainless steel or metal tools. This disinfectant is very economical with just 2 percent dilution needed. pH neutral disinfectant is perfectly compatible with every kind of metal and alloys. Microten disinfectant liquid provides complete infectious control against so many harmful bacteria and viruses.

How to Uses Microten Disinfectant Liquid

Microten disinfectant liquid is very easy to use and provides prevention from spreading infections. All you have to do is dilute microten liquid disinfectant in 2 percent solution, that is 20 ml per 1 litre of water. You can make this solution in any conventional tank. After that you have to immerse the instruments in the solution for almost five minutes. Later then take out instruments carefully from disinfectant and inspect them for any debris, remove any remaining debris with a brush. Then rinse instruments in running water and clean with a dry towel to prepare it for sterilization.