Non Cutting tip diamond Bur

PKR  130

Package Includes Single Bur Only

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Name: Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur
Size: Standard
Type: Cleaning & Filling Teeth Equipment

Product Description

Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur

Got some Question?

M. Murtaza
2 years 9 months ago

Is it Rs. 130 for 1 bur or for a pack of 5 burs?

csr6 csr6
2 years 9 months ago

M. Murtaza yes sir it’s the price of 1 bur

Faizan Malik
2 years 9 months ago

Whats its dimensions

csr7 csr7
2 years 8 months ago

please wait we inform you about it shortly



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If you want to buy Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur then do check these on our online dental store. We offer you a safe end endodontic access bur with a non-cutting tip. It is available in standard size, these diamond burs are best for cleaning and filling teeth. You can Buy Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur Online in Pakistan from E-Dental Mart. We are the most trusted online dental store in Pakistan with super quality products. We have all equipment and tools needed in dentistry at an amazing price rate. You can easily buy best quality handpieces from E-Dental Mart and with that you can buy Best Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur to enhance your working experience.

Features Of Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur

E-Dental Mart offers you the best non-cutting tip diamond bur with a safe end tip for lateral endodontic access. The mix of diamond and steel grit offers the best possible reduction in tooth preparation procedures. Diamonds are equally distributed on non-cutting tip diamond burs and as a result minimum pressure is required on the turbine. Diamond is the hardest metal when it is bound with stainless through a metallurgical process It gives a cutting edge superior than another. This quality makes non-cutting tip diamond burs more reliable and durable for dentists.

Uses Of Non Cutting Tip Diamond Bur                               

Enlargement of initial endodontic access is often needed to gain straight-line access to all canals. This where non-cutting tip diamond burs are needed. They provide direct cutting through enamel and dentine to expose the inner tooth for filling and cleaning. Best non-cutting tip diamond burs are endodontic access bur, used to open the top of the tooth to access the canals for cleaning and obturation. These diamond burs are able to cut through enamel and dentine to expose roots easily. They are the safest and most secure burs to use for root canal treatment. A sharp edge made up of diamond provides convenient working.  

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