Orthodontic Bracket Ligatures

Original price was: PKR  900.Current price is: PKR  660.

Packing Include : 40 Strips

Product Name: Orthodontic Bracket Ligatures
Color: Multiple Colors Available
Material: Medical Polyster Ammonia
Shape: Stripe
Type: Orthodontics Materials

Product Description

Orthodontic Bracket Ligatures

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3 years 9 months ago

I need assorted colours ligatures

E-Dental Mart
3 years 9 months ago

Sir you can place order for them on our website.

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csr7 csr7
2 years 3 months ago

It’s more then 1000 pcs sir/mam



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Orthodontic bracket ligatures are tiny rubber bands used to tie the bracket and wires together. They are the most important part for an orthodontic professional. Orthodontic ligatures help to evenly distribute the occlusal forces used to strengthen your teeth. Without a good quality orthodontic ligature dental system and procedures can be affected. Only part of the tension of wire can actively align your teeth without ligatures. They are used to tie the wire to brackets. Orthodontic bracket ligatures are most often placed at the back near the molars. But they can be placed anywhere around teeth where extra pressure is needed. Or they can be placed where wire needs to be tied down to affect the entire row of teeth. If you are looking for orthodontic ligatures in the best quality then you’re at the right place. You can easily order now your favorite orthodontic ligatures whether in different colors or transparent. 

Different Kinds Of Orthodontic Ligatures

E-Dental Mart has colorful and completely transparent both types of orthodontic bracket ligatures in best qualities. Some patients prefer their ligatures to be as invisible as possible. And some people might prefer showy and excitingly colorful orthodontic ligatures. It depends on personality and we have all kinds available to please all types of patients. They are made up of extremely elastic prime quality.

Methods Of Ligation

Ligation method is necessary in braces treatment because they help to straighten and align all teeth in the right position. Ligation refers to the means by which arch wire is held inside the bracket. When your dentist straightens a tooth which is turned or twisted the arch wire should be secured. So an orthodontic bracket ligature is used to tie it down to increase its efficiency and comfort of patients.