Orthodontic Molar Band

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Package includes 4 band only.

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These are good quality Orthodontic Molar bands which are sandblasted from inner surface thus increasing the retention of the band.



Product Name: Orthodontic Molar Band
Application: Hospitals, Orthodontics, Dentist, Clinic
Material: Metal

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Most brackets alone are not enough to secure braces firmly on teeth. To prevent the detachment of braces dentists prefer orthodontic molar bands. E-Dental Mart has this complete kit of orthodontic molar band China and America. Buy orthodontic molar bands in best quality and reasonable prices from E-Dental Mart. Orthodontic molar bands are available in various other stores but E-Dental Mart promises the premium quality tools for their customers. Buy this amazing kit of orthodontic molar bands online. It has all different kinds of molar bands you can choose from.  

Product Evaluation And Uses Of Orthodontic Molar Bands

The tiny rings that fit around the back of your molars are called an orthodontic molar band. This process is known as tooth banding. Orthodontic molar bands are stripes which are adapted to the contours of the tooth in which attachments are welded. Orthodontists put molar bands when placing braces on your teeth.

Orthodontic molar bands are used with braces to the people who require them. Orthodontists will recommend molar band braces if you have a gap to close or if you need realignment or straightening of your teeth. These orthodontic bands are made up of great quality stainless steel. These molar bands are easy to fit to a tooth and quite durable.

Features Of Molar Bands

Orthodontic molar bands china include a ring that goes around your molars and has a top part open so the chewing surface is not covered up. Molar bands have a hook in case you need to run elastics and slots for the wires. Orthodontics bands also give orthodontists an area to attach additional appliances if necessary, like headgear.

 We have a complete kit of orthodontic molar bands of different sizes, width and configuration. Some of the molar bands have one hole for the wire and others have two attachments for headgear. These orthodontic molar bands have much greater tensile strength and tolerance of great force. They are sandblasted from the inner surface which increases the retention of the band. This is why doctors use these molar bands instead of classic brackets. These molar bands are usually metallic. Orthodontic bands provide stability to the brackets so they don’t break off easily.