Orthodontic wax

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Brand Name: E-Dental Mart
Place of Origin: China
Type: Orthodontic Wax
Material: 100% Edible Wax
Application: Orthodontic Patients
Function: Protect and Prevent Orthodontics
Type: Orthodontic Materials

Product Description

Orthodontic wax is used for disturbing Orthodontic brackets. They are easy to apply by the patient and have good retention.

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Delivery charges?

3 years 3 months ago

Sir delivery charges are charged as per weight of parcel. Before you place order, you shall be notified about delivery charges on checkout page

Muhammad Zain
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How long does it take to get delivered?

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Our courier partners offer 2 types of delivery methods
Urgent Delivery : 1-3 Working Days (normally delivered overnight)
Normal Delivery : 2-5 Working Days (normally delivered in 2-3 days)
delivery charges vary for both

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What is the difference between type 1 and type 2?

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There is no any major difference only companies of type 1 and type 2 change sir/mam



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Best Orthodontic wax in Lahore

Buy best quality Orthodontic wax in Lahore from e dental mart. Ortho wax is a soft orthodontic material used for protection of sharp surfaces. It prevents sharp edges of braces, broken or chipped teeth from hurting soft tissues like gums. It is used for protection of sensitive areas and helps in preventing pain. 

Basics of Orthodontic wax:

Oral wax available on E-dental mart is completely edible. It is made up of silicon and comes in colorful boxes. Ortho wax can be softened easily by hands. And applied on the sharp areas where it sticks to create a smooth surface. It is the best ortho wax for people who use braces. Hurry up, buy dental wax in Lahore from E- Dental Mart at amazing prices and prevent your gums from damaging. Dental wax is clear and unnoticeable. 

Why use Orthodontic Dental Wax:

This Best Orthodontic dental wax of Pakistan can be used to relieve pain and discomfort caused by braces. Best wax for braces if wire of braces comes out. Loose wire of braces can create irritation inside cheeks which makes it painful dental wax can smooth the sharpness of braces. It also helps to cover a chipped or broken tooth so it doesn’t hurt gums. Dental wax is 100% edible so no need to worry if accidentally swallowed. Tooth wax is good for unexpected dental issues. If you run out of it you can always buy again from E-dental online store.

How to apply dental wax:

Use this silicon wax to cover jagged braces to prevent pain. Dental wax is easy to apply. All you have to do is take a pea size amount and roll it on your hand. Once the Ortho wax is softened gently flatten it into disc shape. Carefully cover the sharp area with it. Buy High Quality Orthodontic Wax in Lahore from E-dental mart.